Archives - February 2017


Coface Increase Productivity and Visibility into Process Execution

In Emakin BPM, Coface has produced excellent results by automating insurance policy processing. The dynamic task assignment and uniform access to all information (process information, data from back end systems and documentation) through a single web user interface have shortened the total amount of time needed to process an insurance policy by 50%, from four …


TMF saves 60% time on the Transaction Monitoring with dynamic workflow process with paperless eco system.

Emakin Transaction Monitoring (TM) provides tools for tracking all client information, relations and transactions, Cash and NonCash operations need to be  monitored and checked accordingly to TMC Group.


Greater Control Over Invoice Management System Processes

With Emakin Invoice Management System, invoices from different e-invoice providers are collected into a single distribution pool and all invoices in Güneş Sigorta are automatically processed according to rule sets defined from one center and easily transmitted to other related systems.