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BThaber Masa Tenisi Turnuvas’ından ödül ile döndük

Bilişim sektöründen firmaların ikişer kişilik takımları ile katıldığı BThaber Masa Masa Tenisi Turnuvası 14 Temmuz 2018, Cumartesi günü gerçekleştirildi. Yazılım Destek Uzmanı Bülent Yüksel ve Uygulama Geliştirme Uzmanı İsmail Yaşar’dan oluşan Team 6Kare, gün boyu rakipleri ile zorlu bir mücadele verdi. Fenerbahçe Veteran Masa Tenisçileri Spor Kulübü Derneği tesislerinde gerçekleştirilen turnuvanın eleme ve sıralama maçlarının …


Coface Increase Productivity and Visibility into Process Execution

In Emakin BPM, Coface has produced excellent results by automating insurance policy processing. The dynamic task assignment and uniform access to all information (process information, data from back end systems and documentation) through a single web user interface have shortened the total amount of time needed to process an insurance policy by 50%, from four …


TMF saves 60% time on the Transaction Monitoring with dynamic workflow process with paperless eco system.

Emakin Transaction Monitoring (TM) provides tools for tracking all client information, relations and transactions, Cash and NonCash operations need to be  monitored and checked accordingly to TMC Group.


Greater Control Over Invoice Management System Processes

With Emakin Invoice Management System, invoices from different e-invoice providers are collected into a single distribution pool and all invoices in Güneş Sigorta are automatically processed according to rule sets defined from one center and easily transmitted to other related systems.


6Kare attends to PEX & Performance Management Forum

pp   6Kare attends to Europe’s leading forum focusing on the alignment of strategy with operational excellence. In order to book a meeting with 6Kare team in Amsterdam on 10-12 October at PEX & Performance Management Europe , please contact us at For more information


New Trend: No More e-Mails

Your BPMS must make your business easy and effective. Global competition requires a simple and fast approach. Enterprises which prefer complicated BPMS solutions without determine their needs and market research failed. Under this circumstances BPMS make life harder rather than to make life easier. Each step of the process means a new email. The purpose …


Insurance Companies Gain Greater Control with Emakin Authorization

6Kare proves itself with strong references, which are AEGON, Coface, Cigna, ERGO, Katılım Emeklilik, TARSİM from insurance sector. Our clients get a competitive advantage and reduce cycle times. Emakin ensures less manual work for employees, increases satisfaction of their customers, prevents human prone errors, tasks are streamlined and therefore business is more efficient. Predefined business …


6Kare Attended California Academy of Sciences with ACE

The California Academy of Sciences is a renowned scientific and educational institution dedicated to exploring, explaining, and sustaining life on Earth. In this context, Ikhlaq Sidhu gave an engaging presentation on the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship and the Berkeley Innovation Index to a group, which 6Kare is member, from the Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE) …


Katılım Emeklilik Has Simplfied Business Processes and Increased Productivity

Katılım Emeklilik moved its business processes which are HR, Distant Sales, e-Invoice, REM, Demand Change/Cancellation, Pension System, Management Performance Reports, Bid Approval ..(etc) to the platform of Emakin. Thanks to Emakin’s flexible and easy to use platform, Katılım Emeklilik can develop its own processes as they need.  Emakin ensures transparency in job-tracking and  Katılım Emeklilik …


Esan Manages and Controls Mining Licences, Prevents Loss of Information with Emakin

Management of mining licenses is a very difficult and critical process. If any detail is misinformed during the mining license process, it may be punished by fines and it can cause loss of rights. Esan has many facilities, thus managing, controlling and tracking of facility leaving processes are very complex and there are no rooms …

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