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AEGON Monitors and Manages its HR Process Changes and Provides Wealthy Data

Goals: Monitor and Manage the HR Process Changes and Provide Wealthy Data AEGON has many employees and agencies. Managing employees as a center was a necessity to work efficiently. AEGON has different types of employees, thus HR of AEGON required approval mechanism to reduce complexity. HR structure is the backbone of an enterprise and it …


Cigna Gains Greater Control with Emakin Authorization and Increases Visibility into Process Execution

Goals: Gain Greater Control with Emakin Authorization and Increase Visibility into Process Execution Cigna has planned to start the compensation process on a platform of process based application development, “Emakin” and will be transporting different processes to “Emakin” in different phases. The most important acquisitions of “Emakin” which is completely developed on cloud architecture are …


Eczacıbaşı- Monrol Chose Emakin in Its Business Process Management

Eczacıbaşı-Monrol Nuclear Products that was established in 2008, leads the development of Turkey’s nuclear medicine market through the production of high-quality radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis and treatment. Eczacıbaşı-Monrol decided to develop end to end project needs, pricing, providers, product database, audit, propose processes involving contrat steps on Emakin’s platform.


ESAN Chose Emakin in Its Business Process Management

Esan was founded in 1978 with the purpose of supplying raw materials for ceramic sector and has expanded its operations by adding metallic minerals production to its business lines. Esan decided to run its business process on Emakin platform. Management of mineral production licenses process was moved on Emakin platform for Esan and it was …


Alternative Group Chose Emakin for Its Business Process Management

The Alternative Group started out in 2004 as Alternatif Security. In 2008 the Alternatif Security Group brought all its companies that had been operating in different sectors under one umbrella as the Alternative Group. Alternatif Security Inc. provides safety training for personnel, as well as industrial and electronic security, Bizim Service and Consulting Services Inc. …


Katılım Emeklilik Chose Emakin in Its Business Process Management

Katılım Emeklilik which is born from Al Baraka Participation Bank and Kuwait Turkish Participation Bank union of forces, has the first interest-free insurance innovative concept, modern and technological investments, is noteworthy as an outstanding company in the industry with customer-oriented service. Katılım Emeklilik is the third insurance company that Emakin selected and chose Emakin in its process management, …


Ülker Move its Reconciliation Process to Emakin Platform

As a company that founded and built in the 20th century but have been carried into the 21st century and rides on its phenomenal momentum Ulker brand has hundreds of sub-brands that serving the consumers and holding a strong presence in  the marketplace. Ülker is entrusted thousand cash reconciliation correspondence to Emakin. Via Emakin all of its reconciliation do easier and …


A101 chose Emakin in its Business Process Management

A101  opened  its first store on 28 April 2008 and its target which exceed  within a month “101 store”  number has inaugurated  with 121st stores.  A101 as a record-breaking growth of 2009  has won the title of “Fastest Growing Market Chains”  today’s number was close to 4,000 branches. Chain stores which operated as “hard discount” …

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