Don’t throw money away.

Effective purchasing requires standardized processes and a fast and reliable information flow in order to make solid decisions and negotiate successfully.
You can start to maximize your purchasing power right now.


Kalsiyum’s Expense, puchasing, business advances and e-Billing processes provides that enterprises control on their spending. When management of enterprise control their all of spendings, enterprises can have not only sustainable profits, but also have cost- saving. Cost saving is key of growing healthy. Kalsiyum gives that key.

How ?

  • When employee starts a purchasing process, enterprise management can audit the process in Kalsiyum platform. Speed is very important to make decision. Offers of purchase suppliers, the list of ordered products and everything you need on a purchasing process are easily accessible in the Kalsiyum’s platform. When employee make his/her request easily, he/she can enter by selecting suppliers from purchasing supplier lists quickly. If desired, you can associate the file with the offer. Management can follow the process steps anytime and anywhere.
  • Spending of enterprise will easily be followed by the Kalsiyum and it provides communication in enterprise. When Kalsiyum is used by employees, they work without any communication gap or loss of information. Processes are completed faster and decisions are made with higher quality.