About Business Partnership

Since 2010, 6Kare provides solutions in many different areas thanks to Emakin Application Development Platform.

Our Business partners can also create solutions for their customers’ BPM needs with Emakin BPM product which is located in the heart of the Application Development Platform.

In addition, they can also develop vertical products such as contract management, quality management system, etc. by using the same infrastructure and without special development know-how. Thus, They are able to offer customers tailor-made solutions with much lower cost.

6Kare also provides Kalsiyum and OrangeCubes vertical cloud platforms which target Middle East and Europe markets respectively. Both platforms offer ready to use cloud infrastructure for partners who want to offer Emakin based solutions.

6Kare Partnership Program offers three different levels depending on the level of expertise of our Partners and their interest:

Sales Activity

It includes the sales of 6Kare products. These products can be Emakin BPM or vertical products that are developed by 6Kare or business partners of 6Kare.

Development Activity

This activity includes the tailor-made and customer specific vertical product solutions that developed on Emakin BPM product. This activity can be combined with sales activity or joined to the other business partners’ sales activities.

License Renewal Activity

This activity carries out the first line of support and periodical maintenance of Emakin BPM product licence and vertical products.

6Kare Partnership Program determines practices for partners, having them master the Application Development Platform effectively and efficiently and create successful projects from the very first moment. With this practice, partners are consistently supported through out the sales and development stage.