Business Software Solutions

All tools you need for business process automation

Process Management

Emakin process automation with business process management (BPM). Impeccable tracking of all tasks with visual development environment and less coding.

Digital Signature

Legally approved creation and verification of all digital signatures such as Cades, Xades, Pades, REM.

Cloud Solutions

Business processes on the basis of pay-per-use cloud (SaaS) environment and solutions.

Vertical Business Applications

Electronic Invoice, PEP Management System, Human Resources, Quality Management, Contracts and more

About Us

6Kare is a global enterprise which provides software solutions to leading companies from a great variety of sectors such as Finance, Manufacturing, Legal, HR and Operations. We aim to simplify business process and in the meantime improve our quality, create value through innovation and growth since the day we were founded with a creative, young and dynamic team located at the Amsterdam, İstanbul and Edirne offices.

Our Clients

Some customers who apply process management with our products


Emakin BPM

Emakin BPMS is a scalable, enterprise grade software package for developing process-based solutions with ease.

What's New

Defining a Process

We have been trying various methods for years to describe our business processes. Our story, which started with the purpose of modeling by industrial and information engineers, has turned into languages ​​such as BPMN and UML as our needs increased over time. You can see a summary of our story below. Since 2005, we have […]

The Age of Companies’ Struggle with Invoice is Ending!

The transition to e-invoice is a revolutionary decision. This is because, in addition to preventing unnecessary paper consumption, easier tracking of invoice tax amounts charged by companies and of course the digitalization of finance / accounting departments was provided. So who provides this service? Provider companies working with RA are providing the basic service for […]

BPM, Integration and Change!

In the developing and changing world, ERP and standard applications are increasingly restricting the mobility of companies. We can say that adapting to change is the most important skill in the last 10 years, in which the importance of digitalization is increasing. Applications such as ERP can easily produce solutions for the needs in their […]

6Kare and QBS International Will Offer Emakin BPM Solutions in Europe

As 6Kare technology, we continue to expand our business partnership program. In this respect, QBS International, which has signed a sales partnership agreement with 6Kare, will reach enterprise customers in the European market with Emakin’s on-prem, cloud and private cloud infrastructure solutions. With the cooperation of 6Kare and QBS International, we will provide services to […]

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