A101 chose Emakin in its Business Process Management

A101  opened  its first store on 28 April 2008 and its target which exceed  within a month “101 store”  number has inaugurated  with 121st stores.  A101 as a record-breaking growth of 2009  has won the title of “Fastest Growing Market Chains”  today’s number was close to 4,000 branches. Chain stores which operated as “hard discount” concept provides quality food and consumables with low price and low cost to its customer began working with Emakin in the management of business processes. Platform of Emakin   “The process-based application development” will be designed  disruptions experienced in the store opening and is aimed at minimizing the waste of time on the store opening process. Within the scope of the process, Maptriks and SAP systems which had used in A101 Company’s own private systems integrations are also available.