Alternative Group Chose Emakin for Its Business Process Management

The Alternative Group started out in 2004 as Alternatif Security. In 2008 the Alternatif Security Group brought all its companies that had been operating in different sectors under one umbrella as the Alternative Group. Alternatif Security Inc. provides safety training for personnel, as well as industrial and electronic security, Bizim Service and Consulting Services Inc. provides services in cleaning, decorating, management, consulting and landscaping, Bireysel Presentation and Activity Services Inc. provides services in preparation, display, presentation and sales promotion, Alternative Institutional Support and Training Services Inc. provides electronic and personal security consulting services, emergency situation consulting and support staff services.
Alternative Group moved its modules which are Human Resources, Project Management, Invoice, Audit, Performance, Budget, Secondment and Education to Emakin’s platform depending on the ERP management system. When enterprise’s all of processes about HR (recruitment application, permit, upgrade fees, enforcement, advances, installation, lending..etc.) moved on Emakin’s platform, processes became easy-manageable and faster. With Emakin, HR had opportunities to work efficient.
Errors that occur because of the lack of information were eliminated by developed processes which are depending on Project Management module and invoice costs are automated without any error. Informations about employers became accessible anytime, anywhere with scoring tracking. Salary account which is a very sensitive issue for employers was standardized. All of business processes which are moved on Emakin platform were run as integrated with Logo Tiger and Logo İK. All of the processes became easy manageable, efficient and compatible.