Insurance Companies Gain Greater Control with Emakin Authorization

6Kare proves itself with strong references, which are AEGON, Coface, Cigna, ERGO, Katılım Emeklilik, TARSİM from insurance sector.Our clients get a competitive advantage and reduce cycle times. Emakin ensures less manual work for employees, increases satisfaction of their customers, prevents human prone errors, tasks are streamlined and therefore business is more efficient. Predefined business rules ensure that tasks are assigned to the right people. All of the business processes are accessible and multiple analysis are enabled for new business strategies. All steps of the business processes are followable.The most important acquisitions of “Emakin” which is completely developed on cloud architecture are being able to actualise the project in a short term, needing a minimal level of support, providing solutions of complicated business needs and the possibility of usage on mobile platforms without needing other applications. By this way, insurance companies manage all documents in one place and have greater control over their business processes with Emakin.

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