Peli Parquet conducts the evaluation process management with Emakin

MDF and hardwood production and export, which is one of the leading brands of Turkey’s market, the quality to compete in world markets tea / coffee filter paper with battery separator paper world that can produce Pele, one of the three manufacturers Parquet, harnesses the power of the digital conversion to improve the quality of production. The brand, which started to use Emakin in the management of business processes within the organization, created a special workflow for suggestion management in the first stage. In this project, where the employees aim to contribute to the improvement of the company quality by making suggestions from production to management, proposal entry, evaluation and award steps are realized in digital environment.

Vezirköprü Orman Ürünleri ve Kağıt A.Ş. emphasized the importance of digitalization in order to use corporate resources efficiently, especially in time. (*) Information Technology Manager Orhan Eraytaç shared with Industry 4.0 that everything is connected to the internet. Pointing out that the software is a huge power Eraytaç, the survival of the future depends on the speed of digital transformation, he said. Emphasizing that the length of development time is a disadvantage for companies, Eraytaç said. We are in the period of low-code development with less code. Therefore, we chose Emakin and started to implement our processes on Emakin. We aim to increase our productivity in a short time, so that we can access new ideas and projects more easily. ”

(*) Peli Parquet, Vezirköprü Forest Products and Paper Inc. Brand.

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