The ETSTur has Chosen Emakin BPM to Improve Their Business Processes

ETS Tour, the leading and innovative company of the tourism sector, has chosen to work with Emakin BPM. Turkey’s visionary travel and tourism organization, the ETS Tour, package tours and accommodation services outside of the hotel gives domestically and abroad every year. It also sells and markets thousands of hotels.

In this context, the invoice management process was first implemented in Emakin BPM. Paper invoices and e-invoices from tens of thousands of companies were collected in a single environment and distributed automatically. Thus, all relevant units and persons can be included in the system and can quickly approve the invoices. On the other hand, they monitor the process through a single platform. In addition, reporting with different criteria can be done easily with the search feature.

ETS Tour continues to develop business processes at Emakin BPM by demonstrating its difference in the sector once again. As Emakin BPM digitizes its paper processes it saves labor, increases productivity and continues to increase its competitiveness in the international market.

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