A New BPM Perspective is Coming to Europe with 6Kare and Nuru-Tech Cooperation

Nuru-Tech, founded with the vision of bringing Turkish flexibility and European quality understanding together, is a bridge between the European business world and Turkish software companies.

Accordingly, 6Kare Teknoloji and Nuru-Tech have signed a business partnership for the Emakin BPM product, which can meet the growing need for BPM (Business Process Management) software in the European business world.

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It is a fact that in the European business world, some basic needs in business process management are now an urgent need. For example, low-code architecture for increasing integration and additional development needs in parallel with growing company structure and business volume. Also, multi-tanent infrastructure, multi-language support for group company or subsidiaries are just some of these.

At this point, it is increasingly difficult to find BPM software in the European market with the capacity and variety to meet the process management needs of enterprise companies. Today, Emakin BPM, which has proved its quality in more than 700 working processes in many corporate companies, continues to bring innovations and new features to the market with the new version it releases every year.

Emakin BPM, which is a completely domestic product, will provide qualified and sustainable solutions for the increasing business process management software needs of the European business world, in cooperation with 6Kare and Nuru-Tech.

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