About Us

6Kare is a global enterprise which provides software solutions to leading companies from a great variety of sectors such as Finance, Manufacturing, Legal, HR and Operations. We aim to simplify business process and in the meantime improve our quality, create value through innovation and growth since the day we were founded with a creative, young and dynamic team located at the Amsterdam and İstanbul offices.

Today, we design yesterday’s dreams for future and we draw our strength from its preserving and hard-driving employees. Sustainability is just as important to our clients and their stakeholders as it is to our shareholders and employees. It is part of how we create value as a company, and we have a shared pride in the sustainability achievements of our clients through the projects we complete.

We are, as 6Kare, extending our expertise in developing master-planned communities internationally, and today, have a significant presence in several key global markets.

ISMS Policy

  • 6Kare aims to manage all risks regarding business continuity and her knowledge assets as;
  • Setting up and operating Information Security Management System that meets ISO/IEC 27001 standards,
  • Complying to all regulations and contractual obligations to provide security and privacy of knowledge and information,
  • Managing the possible risks may expose to information assets,
  • Realizing the necessary activities to increase both technical and social competencies with the purpose of enhancing the Knowledge Security awareness,
  • Being a model corporate and R&D foundation within the software development sector in terms of Information Security framework.