Finance and Accounting

Compliance with regulations and convert time into money.

Managing of financial services requires attention. Enterprises must control over financial processes and provide accuracy.


Some financial processes should be started automatically. When financial business processes are automated by Kalsiyum, the processes will be faster and faultness. Kalsiyum provides visibility, ability and compliance with regulations.

How ?

Kalsiyum REM provides solutions which are enterprise’s accounting reconciliations, correspondence of the enterprises, transmission and reception of contract, document shares, ..etc. to make documents the legal validity and the compliance with legislation. Incoming mails are forwarded to the appropriate person or department by Emakin and response process is started automatically.

When the financial process is completed, it is saved digital archive of Kalsiyum. “Full text search” feature of Kalsiyum ensures when you need, you can access processes. For example writing a feature of process (date,a word in process.. etc), Kalsiyum search and view instantly.

The most important acquisitions of “Kalsiyum” which is completely developed on cloud architecture are being able to acquire a corporate platform in a short term, a minimal level of support, providing solutions of complicated business needs and the possibility of usage on mobile platforms without needing other applications.