Financial Services

Everybody knows that time is money. What’s blocking your efficiency?

Key of financial success is convert time into money. But when you have a lot of details, numbers, payments, transfers and dates, errors are inevitable. Even if employee which is responsible about finance works very carefully, he/she can make mistakes or it causes loss of time to check all of them.


Take complicated challenges head-on with dynamic, emakin-based solutions that introduce consistency and visibility, saving both time and money. Transaction Manager for Trust Centers, e-Billing Processing, Accounting Reconciliation System and REM Management Systems which are products of 6Kare which provides time saving, quality and accurate business processes.

How ?

  • Emakin provides Reconciliation Processes which have the legal validity and the compliance with legislation. Accounting records can be imported easily and process runs. It shows you not only reconciliation is provided, but also shows reconciliation is not provided and demonstrate why it is not provided with all details.
  • 6Kare provides solutions for digitally signing of documents or transactions with personal digital certificates or batch signing with HSM devices.All of solutions are supports Cades (binary data), Pades (pdf documents) and Xades (xml data) formats in ETSI standards compliance.
  • Emakin Transaction Manager System, Relations will be covering the requirements of your business model; clients of your company, banks you work with, or even individuals can be defined as Relations. Every transaction, and every service provided will be digitized and controlled, with Transaction Monitoring and Time & Monitoring modules. Thus reliability and safety will be maximized in your business.