Insurance enterprises need to automate claims processes and provide regulatory compliance.

Customers are so important and they need more customers. If an ınsurance enterprise want to expand its customer portfolio, it must be provide customer satisfaction and this processes must be fast and faultless.


Emakin has many good references about insurance enterprises. It provides quality, faultless and faster business process. It reduces IT costs because it works in cloud and provides faster and securely business platform.

The most important acquisitions of “Emakin” which is completely developed on cloud architecture are being able to actualise the project in a short term, needing a minimal level of support, providing solutions of complicated business needs and the possibility of usage on mobile platforms without needing other applications.

How ?

  • Insurance enterprises have a lot of process which must be starting automatic and need collaboration and compliance in enterprise. Because their system is so sensitive. If their one of goals is customer satisfaction to grow, they must provide quality, faultless and fast process to their customers.For example a compensation process is so important for insurance enterprises. How much time does your enterprise complete customer compensation process? It must be fast and without any fault, right? Emakin ensures what the enterprise need about a compensation process and more.
  • It can be easily designed for your business organisation and portfolio of your customers. After customer compensation is easily available from start to end. When process is completed, it saved Emakin’s digital archive. When management needs, it gets reports of process.
  • Via Emakin, all of the business processes are accessible and multiple analysis is enabled for new business strategies. All steps of the business processes are followable. You have no chance of making mistakes.