Legal matters can be a real jungle.

Sometimes a little details can save life. Legal matters are so serious because when you catch any little detail, you can fail.


By automating your business processes, Emakin can help you to maximize efficiency, consistency, compliance and visibility. Prices, dates, information, numbers, people and institutions must be recorded correctly. Do you have fast and accurate reconciliation processes? Kalsiyum has REM Management Systems which provides not only fast, efficient, reliable and simple reconciliation processes but also it has the regulatory compliance.


  • REM is an enhanced form of mail transmitted by electronic means (e-mail) which provides evidence relating to the handling of an e-mail including proof of submission and delivery. We provide variety of management systems that are attached to REM systems like rule based dispatching, archiving and tracking processes.
  • Kalsiyum REM provides solutions which are enterprise’s accounting reconciliations, correspondence of the enterprises, transmission and reception of contract, document shares, ..etc. to make documents the legal validity and the compliance with legislation. Incoming mails are forwarded to the appropriate person or department by Emakin and response process is started automatically.