Partner Resources

Application Market

Emakin Application Market offers ready to use vertical products for customers. These products can be shared on cloud or on-premise. Products on the market have some automatic features such as license tracking and automatic updates by one click. At the same time, we offer some of our our vertical products as open source so that business partners engaged in development activities can use them as examples for developing other products.


We continue to publish and update our documentation online at Currently, you can find end user and administrator usage documentation content. Also our documentation pages include communication features to share ideas and recommendations.

 Support Platform

All our business partners can benefit from our free support platform at .  Through this program, you can open a ticket to 6Kare support team and you can follow your tickets in here. In addition, It is also possible to access such information that approved by 6Kare Support Specialists as “How” and “Problem Solutions” in the program. Some of these subjects consists documentation and videos.

Advanced Support

To ensure the success of the solutions and share the knowledge, we provide Advance Support Service also. These services can be in the following context:

  • Business process analysis
  • Determine customer requirements
  • Build solutions together
  • Technical guidance

Advanced support level is time based priced and determined by scope and size of project.  We can provide these services in 5×8 and optional SLA constraints.

Emakin Questions & Answers

We provide an open forum area that is accessible for everyone to have answers on frequently encountered problems, code samples, development issues at address. It is possible to post questions and give answers  according to your knowledge.


We organize regular training programs in order to keep the level of business partners’ knowledge at top. These trainings are organized periodically by 6Kare and is free for all partners.