Retail is detail.

Controlling chains, auditing entry and exit of money, providing communication and collaboration in from enterprise to all of chains are difficult to manage. Web-based remote communication provides profit and sustainable growth.


Manage your corner store, megastore, e-shop or global outlet chain with automated process handling, real-time figures and powerful analytics. Kalsiyum can help your business increase turnover, optimize logistics, streamline operations, focus on your customers and maximize margins. Do you want to manage all of chain stores and control anytime, anywhere? You can have fast and securely accounting reconciliation and HR processes in Emakin’s web based platform.

How ?

  • Emakin’s processes are tailor fit for your enterprise. All of enterprise’s need can be designed in Emakin’s platform without any coding. You can easily define your organisation database and run. For example when an employee applies for a  leave request, he/she does not have to walk around managers with paper. The employee can send leave request by his/her mobile phone, and management can follow the steps of the request. 
  • Kalsiyum minimizes losses that occur during the communications and has made traceable easily in digital dashboards for Accounting Reconciliation processes which have been developed on Emakin platform. Reconciliation Processes which have the legal validity and the compliance with legislation. Accounting records can be imported easily and process runs. It shows you not only reconciliation is provided, but also shows reconciliation is not provided and demonstrate why it is not provided with all details.