Sales require tools that make it simpler to generate sales.

Many business applications promise to do just that, but turn out to simply be a nuisance. But that’s not the way that it has to be.


The processes are automated by Emakin. Thus it provides the speed and accuracy of sales processes. The automated processes help sales department accelerate approval for sales campaigns, leading to greater market responsiveness and increased competitiveness.

How ?

  • For example before the branch bank would fill out the forms, photocopy or scan them, then e-mail or fax them to HQ, which would print them out again and hand the hard copies to staff to manually type into their internal applications. This process was time-consuming and open to errors at every step.
  • The most important acquisitions of Emakin which is completely developed on cloud architecture are being able to acquire a corporate platform in a short term, a minimal level of support, providing solutions of complicated business needs and the possibility of usage on mobile platforms without needing other applications. When the branch banks have credit card application forms, share its with HQ and the processes is started automatically. The processes cycle starts and it is completely accessible and followable. When the process is completed, it saved on Emakin’s digital archives.
  • The archive gives why credit card application is reject or approve. HQ or bank branches can view history of credit card applications when they need.
  • Emakin not only provides accurate and fast decisions, but also ensures powerful analysis for sales strategies. The sales report can determine sales goals.