Human Resources

Runs like clockwork and reduces human error.

HR is the most important department in an enterprise. When HR run like clockwork, enterprise realizes its goals faster. But what is that prevents to establish a good HR structure?


HR structure is the backbone of an enterprise. Can you bring all the HR processes under control anytime and anywhere? It is so easy with Emakin. Emakin reduces cycle times. HR works faster and reduces human errors with Emakin applications. HR structure which operates faster and more efficiently is now possible.

How ?

Emakin completely developed on cloud architecture and it is accessible anytime, anywhere. HR organization is described easily in Emakin. You can define not only organization database but also staff hierarchy and department hierarchy.

You can reduce human prone errors. Because even if the HR process started, you can see the steps and cycle. Emakin gives you control power.

Emakin works calendar-based. When an employee requests his/her annual leave, he/she doesn’t have to lose time waiting management or person in charge with papers. The employee can indicate the date of annual leave and send it to person who is in charge on Emakin’s platform.

When one of the employees quit or a new employee starts work, HR keeps running like a clockwork without any pause, because the processes that Emakin provides are fully-automated.

HR should always work towards the goals of the company and one of the most important tasks is to engrain goals to employees. Emakin ensures powerful business process analysis. Thus the goals can be measurable and it creates new business strategies.