Human Resources

Re-allocate your most valuable resources in the most effective way.

Emakin applications maximize the efficiency of human resources by minimizing errors, avoiding confusion, reducing workload, providing visibility, and saving time and money.


Human resources is the company’s backbone. HR must be doing its job well and serious for sustainable success. Emakin BPM helps to manage company’s HR department. You can create organization database in less than ten minutes and define hierarchy in your organization. When a new employee is employed, business continues without any standstill.


  • Via Emakin, HR can work together with other departments easily and information flow is provided faster between departments. HR and Accounting can work together and view or determine salaries or wage increase.
  • Emakin can provide web portal for your company which is like a social media web page. You can see all details of HR in this portal and for example if you want, you can see birthdays of employees in this portal. No more information gap with Emakin’s Human Resources.
  • Can you follow annual leave or compassionate leave of your employees when you want? Managing and controlling are so easy with Emakin. Emakin is calendar-based. You can easily create followable, developable and accessible Human Resources process in Emakin BPM.