Business process management for enterprises.

Millions of business process instance has completed with our products and services.

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Allowing for painless collaboration between executives, process users, administrators and IT teams.

Complete Automation

Completely automate business processes and your daily monotonous activities to grow business, increase profits, control risk, and maximize operational efficiency.

Adapt Easily to Changes

Adapt to the evolving changes of your growing organization and address the requirements of the entire user community. Respond easily to organizational shifts, competitive threats, industry innovations and governmental mandates.

Convenient Access

Experience the flexibility to handle work the way you want to. Interact with your business tasks from any Internet-connected device for a customizable and superior user experience.

It’s time to get the most out of your organization.

After all, who has the time or the money for mistakes?

Who likes using a pencil and paper to keep track of things or waiting a long time to get vital information?

Emakin will turn your business into a well oiled machine. Our business applications enable departments to deliver information, slash process time, avoid blunders and boost efficiency and productivity.


Automate claims processes.

Oil and Gas

Maximize profit, reduce costs and minimize risk.


Web-based remote communication provides profit, sustainable growth.


Start to maximize your purchasing power right now.


Achieve great success in a short time.


Maximize efficiency, consistency, compliance and visibility.



Make it simpler to generate sales.

Human Resources

Maximize the efficiency of human resources.

Financial Services

Convert time into money and provide compliance with regulations.


Get rid of training costs and waste of time and increases productivity.


Keep your finger on the pulse and have healthcare providers collaborate.


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